A Dream I Had Last Night

First I was driving with a friend (maybe Clint, I think we were on tour together), but he killed a cop and suddenly pulled up and picked me up and so we were driving away on the lam from other cops. So now I was implicated. We got out of our van and ducked through a hole in a wall of shrubs and were in a rich and fancy neighborhood. Actually, now that I think of it by this time he was alone in the van, I was chasing him on foot and there were more cops behind me on foot and I followed him through the shrub.

I went up to the nicest house and somehow got inside. It had a massive canopy (similar to the Denver airport) over the driveway. Inside was an attractive middle aged husband and wife. My friend was already inside talking to them. It was clear from the home's decor that it was the 1950s- somehow we had travelled through time, so we had to play it cool and not give away that we were from the future. We struggled to come up with an excuse for being in their house and I finally said that our car had broken down or something.

They pushed their toddler kids out the window (only a 1st floor window) to play in the yard. We understood this as the normal way for kids to go outside to play in the 1950s, though it was the middle of the night so still felt pretty weird.

We said goodbye and they gave us the keys to their vintage car, but the car didn’t start. We went back inside and it was clear that we were not in the 1950s after all, just a 1950s motif in their big house. They laughed at us and said they thought we were just playing along with the motif. The husband and wife made beds for us to sleep in a big room where their kids slept too.

The last thing I remember here is seeing a sleeping teenager’s head with purple-dyed hair in one of the other beds in the big room because around this time I woke up. It was 5:00 am exactly. I wanted to get out of bed and write this all down since I don't normally remember my dreams. My partner (who struggles with insomnia) was looking at me and said I was obviously upset or struggling in my sleep.

I guess I went back to sleep because suddenly there was a woman killing us. A bunch of people (probably dream people only) had already been killed. The woman was an assassin in her 20s and also appeared to be an Uber driver, pretty worn down herself and not super into either job. She was hired by the parents of the two toddlers we had apparently kidnapped, but it was a big misunderstanding. She was just slicing us up with a big knife.

The whole thing was very frustrating because this woman was killing all of us even though we were being very clear that we didn’t want to take these kids and she didn’t want to have to do these murders and it was a misunderstanding- but she had to do it for the rich husband and wife. I know my old housemates from Chicago were there. We were trying to get out of the house, thinking we could kill the assassin if we had to (I had produced an even longer knife), but knew we had to deal with those cops too. We were basically debating at this point whether to stay in the kitchen or to try and steal the assassin's car. I was really fixated on something that I knew was wedged in between the back seat of that car.

That's when I woke up. I made coffee and wrote this up immediately since I knew the memory was doing to disintegrate pretty quickly.

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